Benefit Audit, Auto Enrolment and Workplace Pensions

Benefit Audit

Are you receiving value for the money you spend on providing benefits for your employees?

Have you reviewed the benefit package that you offer employees to ensure they meet your objectives? It is important to benchmark the benefit package you provide with your peer companies so that you are not losing key staff and to ensure that you attract the right people to your company.

By reviewing your benefits, it could lead to savings on your existing budget as many differing options have been made available to policies set up several years ago.

Auto Enrolment / Workplace Pensions

Whilst Auto Enrolment will ensure that all companies will have a Workplace Pension scheme in place, many Companies have already provided one for a considerable period. Indeed, provision of a Pension is seen by employees as the most valuable benefit after salary. Employees are nowadays aware of pensions through the auto-enrolment process, and see it is a benefit that is tangible and helps them plan for their later life.

With the increasing scrutiny on Workplace pensions we will assist you in making sure your Group scheme achieves good member outcomes for your employees by providing an annual ‘Stewardship Report’.


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